Dr. Dennis Lucas and his team mark National Dental Hygiene Month

A common misconception about dental hygienists is they just clean your teeth. Nothing could be further from the truth, especially when it comes to the expertise our hygienist provides for both Dr. Dennis Lucas and our patients.

Denise has extensive knowledge regarding current hygiene products and techniques. She is able to spend more time with patients on a regular basis as a dental hygienist than anyone in our office, and she functions as a second set of eyes for Dr. Lucas. Her training and years of experience give her a level of expertise that truly sets her and our office apart.

National Dental Hygiene Month in October reminds us that good dental hygiene is the first step toward keeping the beautiful smile you have now and avoiding more extensive procedures. Good oral health is a collaboration between your daily efforts and the expertise of our team.

The role of a dental hygienist

A professional dental hygienist fulfills multiple roles, beginning with patient screening. Denise conducts an overall assessment of your oral health so she can give Dr. Lucas a heads-up about any potential issues. This is your opportunity to mention any temperature sensitivities in your mouth or other health-related updates we should know about.

The dental hygienist also helps our patients understand what is involved with procedures they may be facing. We find that the more educated our patients are, the less likely they are to have anxiety. Patient counseling and patient education is a major component of the dental hygienist’s role.

Denise will also take new x-ray images of your mouth as part of a full spectrum of hands-on care. This can range from educating patients on how to care for their teeth and gums to performing the regular cleanings you have come to expect.

Call us at (239) 262-5851 to schedule your appointment and experience the professionalism that Denise brings to our patients as our dental hygienist.

About Dr. Dennis Lucas – Naples, Florida, dentist

Dr. Dennis Lucas performs cosmetic and restorative dental techniques, as well as traditional preventive dental services for patients in and around Naples, Florida. His combination of expertise, supported by the latest in dental technology and a holistic approach to care, ensures oral health plays a role in his patients’ total healthcare picture. Call (239) 262-5851 to schedule an appointment.