Dr. Lucas uses this antibiotic to fight bacterial gum infections

oesn’t take long for gum disease to become a progressively damaging issue for your mouth. The bacteria that causes gum disease weakens your gums and can reduce the support for your teeth. Dr. Dennis Lucas uses an antibiotic application called ARESTIN to help combat this issue for appropriate patients.

ARESTIN is applied directly to infected gums as opposed to most antibiotics that come in pill form. Dr. Lucas follows suggested protocols in using ARESTIN as a complementary treatment to traditional techniques such as scaling and root planing (SRP). Dentists use scaling to remove plaque and tartar from teeth and their roots, and root planing to smooth the rough spots where bacteria can collect on the roots.

Daily brushing and flossing removes a good portion of the plaque from your teeth. Plaque is the sticky substance created by bacteria that clings to your teeth. When plaque hardens into tartar, however, brushing alone no longer has an effect. It takes cleaning by your dental team to remove tartar.

In the meantime, that bacteria begins eating away at your gums and creating deep pockets of diseased tissue. This opens the door to bacteria spreading down to the roots of your teeth, permanently damaging the bone and other structures. Loose teeth can result from this process, eventually requiring removal and reconstructive procedures.

ARESTIN can help slow or halt the gum disease process

Like brushing and flossing, scaling and root planing also have limitations when it comes to treating gum disease. Dental instruments are not always able to reach deeper pockets in gum tissues, which allows bacteria to continue to live and reproduce.

Dr. Lucas and many other dentists use ARESTIN as part of a double-barreled approach to fighting gum disease. The active ingredients in the antibiotic reaches places dental instruments can’t while also actively working to kill damaging bacteria.

Our patients like ARESTIN because it does not require a shot or anesthesia. You should not touch the areas of your mouth treated with ARESTIN for a week following application while avoiding crunchy or sticky foods. You can continue brushing regularly, but do not floss or use other tools to clean between treated teeth for 10 days.

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