Dr. Dennis Lucas provides expert cosmetic dentistry in Naples, Florida

Cosmetic dentistry is a term that conjures up images of bright smiles and straight teeth. While that perception is perfectly accurate, restoring dental function is a major benefit that sometimes gets lost in the shuffle.

Dr. Dennis Lucas is a recognized leader in cosmetic dentistry in Naples, Florida. He is trained to perform a variety of techniques that result in beautiful smiles and the ability to enjoy life to its fullest, including your favorite foods.

Comprehensive treatment planning is a crucial aspect of cosmetic dentistry. We focus on function prior to appearance in order to optimize your oral health. A combination of techniques and technologies such as those described below may provide the best results for you.

Zoom teeth whitening gives you the brightest smile

Having the confidence to flash your attractive smile can fade away after years of coffee drinking, tobacco use, or other activities that can discolor your teeth. We use the Zoom teeth whitening system because of its ability to deliver bright smiles quickly.

Zoom can make your teeth look several shades brighter after a single visit. The system uses a combination of formulated lighting and hydrogen peroxide-based bleach to dim the appearance of stains on your teeth.

Invisalign® achieves ideal positioning of crooked teeth

If you’re like most people, calling attention to the fact you are trying to straighten your teeth by wearing unsightly metal braces is the last thing you want. That’s why we recommend Invisalign® clear braces for our patients who want the benefits of braces without the downside of an undesirable appearance or trouble brushing your teeth.

Veneers and restorative procedures complete cosmetic dentistry

We have several cosmetic dentistry options at our disposal to improve the function and appearance of your teeth. Some of the more common issues include closing spaces, and rebuilding worn or weakened teeth.

Porcelain veneers are one of the more popular cosmetic dentistry options. They can be shaped to blend into the natural alignment of your teeth, and we can adjust the color so the shade matches the rest of your smile.

Call us at (239) 262-5851 to schedule a consultation about cosmetic dentistry options that might be appropriate for your situation. Your smile will thank you.

About Dr. Dennis Lucas, Naples dentist

Dr. Dennis Lucas performs cosmetic and restorative dental techniques, as well as traditional preventive dental services for patients in and around Naples, Florida. His combination of expertise, supported by the latest in dental technology and a holistic approach to care, ensures oral health plays a role in his patients’ total healthcare picture. Call (239) 262-5851 to schedule an appointment.