Full Arch Variations in Naples

Dr. Lucas utilizes several full arch restoration techniques in cases where multiple teeth are extracted. This flexibility ensures you receive the appropriate dental restoration for your specific needs, giving you the confidence to smile fully and chew without worry.

In addition to conventional, dental implant-supported bridges, Dr. Lucas has expertise in three alternative bridge techniques:

All-on-4 Describes a Denture Alternative  man and woman smiling

All-on-4® is a popular technique in dentistry today because it offers an effective alternative to traditional dentures when all the teeth are extracted.

The All-on-4 name refers to the placement of a full arch temporary dental bridge on four dental implants on the same day that all the teeth on that arch are extracted.

It is also possible to restore both the upper and lower arches at the same time if all the teeth are determined to be hopeless or non-restorable. Final restoration materials can vary between acrylic, Zirconia, and Titanium, or combinations of these materials depending on individual preference or circumstances.

Such revolutionary restorations are made possible by constant advancements in dental technology such as scanning for proper diagnosis and milling of accurate surgical guides, as well as state-of-the-art restorations.

Hybrid Restorations Combine Denture and Bridge Benefits

A “hybrid bridge” is a full arch dental restoration that is attached to at least four dental implants by small screws. This type of bridge is comprised of dental acrylic and denture teeth, the same materials used in full denture fabrication.

Unlike a full denture, which has no means of attachment to your jaw, this restoration is attached to dental implants. It earns the “hybrid” reference because it has elements of a full denture and a fixed bridge.

The supporting dental implants must be oriented to allow for attachment of the bridge, and may have been placed with or without using the All-on-4 technique.

LOCATOR-style dentures are removable restorations

A LOCATOR-style denture is a removable restoration that is supported by and attached to two to four dental implants. The LOCATOR brand name refers to a specific implant attachment system that allows the denture to be retained by the implants.

The LOCATOR implant attachment system is similar to a snap you would find on clothing in that it has one part that is like a little ball on the implant, which snaps in place on a socket located in the denture.

There are other types of similarly designed attachments available, but the LOCATOR brand is well-known for ease of application and the preferred choice for many dental clinicians.