Mercury-Free, Tooth-Colored Fillings in Naples

Dr. Lucas long ago moved away from using the old amalgam metal fillings that include small amounts of silver and mercury to instead using mercury-free, tooth-colored fillings made from composite resin – and for good reason.

While the American Dental Association has determined amalgam fillings are safe for use, many of our patients would rather not take that chance. Mercury-free, tooth-colored fillings feature additional advantages over their amalgam counterparts.

Mercury-free, tooth-colored fillings just look nicer

No one comes to our office requesting dark-colored amalgam fillings that stand out in stark contrast to the rest of their teeth. Our patients would much rather we make any dental work virtually indistinguishable from their natural teeth. In fact, we can even custom-shade composite resin fillings so they naturally match the color of the rest of your teeth.

Mercury-free, tooth-colored fillings are better for your teeth

Composite resin fillings easily bond to your teeth and support their natural structure more effectively than amalgam fillings can. These mercury-free, tooth-colored fillings are immune to temperature changes, meaning they are less likely to become brittle or break than metal fillings.

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Example of Mercury Free Tooth Colored Fillings

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