Dr. Dennis Lucas uses an intraoral scanner (IOS) for highly accurate measurements

Advances in technology are generating dental scanner benefits that make producing dental restorations and clear Invisalign braces a cleaner, less intrusive, and most importantly more accurate process than previous methods. Dr. Dennis Lucas uses digital scanning devices to enhance oral health and create more attractive smiles for his patients in the Naples, Florida, area.

Chief among dental scanner benefits is eliminating the messy process dentists previously used for making impressions of teeth. Dental scanners feature a small, hand-held “wand” that captures multiple views of the inside of the patient’s mouth. These extremely detailed composite images measure dental features down to microscopic levels.

Dr. Lucas and his team can then email the images to labs anywhere in the world for the production of dental restorations that are perfect fits. The labs use computer-guided milling machines for precise, extra-strong ceramic zirconia restorations. They fit better and arrive at our office faster than ever before.


Dental scanner benefits include enhanced patient involvement

Digital scanners create opportunities for our patients to see first-hand what Dr. Lucas is looking at when it comes to dental restoration planning. Using a tablet, the 3D-in-motion video technology enables the patient to see an impression of their teeth on the screen.

Creating these digital images is much more comfortable than the old molding technique, which in addition to being messy, required patients to sit with this rubber-like material in their mouth for 15 minutes while the impression set. It was an unpleasant experience for most people, and we are pleased to offer a safer, healthier alternative with digital scanning.

We are expecting to add another type of dental scanner in the near future that will enable us to expand our capabilities even further and serve our patients even faster. Dental scanner benefits continue to evolve, and you can depend on our office to remain at the forefront of this exciting technology.


About Dr. Dennis Lucas – Naples, Florida, dentist

Dr. Dennis Lucas performs cosmetic and restorative dental techniques, as well as traditional preventive dental services for patients in and around Naples, Florida. His combination of expertise, supported by the latest in dental technology and a holistic approach to care, ensures oral health plays a role in his patients’ total healthcare picture. Call (239) 262-5851 to schedule an appointment.