A little preparation can reduce the stress of a dental issue

Dental emergencies can happen anywhere, and vacations are no exception. Before you head out of town on your next vacation, take a few minutes to plan out some options in the event you or someone in your party experiences a dental emergency.

Taking a little pre-emptive action is a good way to minimize the chances of a dental emergency happening while you’re away. Complete any pending dental treatments well in advance of your trip. This way you remove the chances of a pre-existing dental condition getting worse and putting a damper on your fun.

Now that you’ve taken care of the most obvious cause of a dental emergency, do some online research to gather information in the event of something happening away from home. Search for “emergency dentist” in the locations you will be visiting and save that information somewhere where you can easily find it. Travel insurance is always a good idea, but keep in mind that many policies do not provide dental coverage overseas.

Your first stop in the event of a serious medical or dental issue on vacation may be an emergency room. To prepare for that possibility, do a similar online search to locate emergency rooms near your vacation location. If nothing else, it will let you breathe a little easier knowing where you can access care rather than starting at ground zero.

First aid steps you can take for dental emergencies

The chances a dental professional can save a dislodged tooth decreases dramatically after about 30 minutes, so you will want to act quickly in the event of a serious dental issue. Falls happen at home, making them much more probable in unfamiliar places, especially if you take part in adventure activities such as skiing and hiking.

Having a tooth knocked out is a stressful experience anytime, but you can improve the chances of saving it by rinsing the tooth with cold water and gently placing it back into its socket. Take care not to force it in, however, because you don’t want to risk damaging the tooth or the socket. The American Dental Association says your next best options are placing the tooth in cool milk, or between your gum and check until you can access emergency dental care.

You might want to consider a product called Recap-it Cap and Crown Repair from Dentemp as a short-term solution for some dental emergencies. Available at most drug stores, Recap-it is a fast-acting liquid adhesive that enables you to quickly reattach loose caps and crowns. Be sure to read the directions carefully and see a dentist as soon as possible for permanent repairs.

Over-the-counter treatments for minor dental pain include Orajel topical gel, ibuprofen (brands such as Advil), and acetaminophen (Tylenol). Call our office as soon as possible after your incident to schedule a follow-up appointment upon your return home.

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