Our mouths benefit from nature’s design excellence

Beauty and form often follow function in nature. Likewise, strength and structure lend themselves to beauty.

This certainly holds true in the dentistry profession, where our patients depend on Dr. Dennis Lucas and his team to maintain and restore strong bites and beautiful smiles. Our task is to leverage the functional and visual brilliance provided by nature for your long-term oral health.

Nature is filled with examples of subtle, yet beautiful designs that yield incredible strength and make the best of structural engineers gaze in awe. The beautiful spiral of the nautilus shell features a Fibonacci pattern that gives it the strength to withstand immense pressures at the bottom of the sea.

The crystalline matrix of a diamond, formed by eons of intense underground pressure on carbon atoms, produces the incredible hardness and dazzling brilliance we have come to associate with this stone.

The graceful double helix of DNA literally determines who we are and what we look like. It expresses beauty in a human face, with the equal vertical thirds of its structure being appealing to our eye.


Nature’s beauty lies in its flawless design

Within the lower third of our face, our mouth has its own parameters of attractiveness. Our lips frame a beautiful smile just so. Our teeth, framed by a certain outline of gum tissue, are straight and have definite proportions of height to width, and to each other.

The bottom edge of our upper front teeth just touches our lower lip in a full, beaming smile, and the teeth themselves are coated in enamel, a crystalline matrix of the hardest material in the body. The straightness of our teeth dissipates the incredible and repetitive pressures of chewing forces over a lifetime of eating. The proper arrangement of the upper and lower teeth to each other allows further dissipation of those forces.

In a truly remarkable example of biological design, the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) acts like a sliding hinge in connecting your jawbone to your skull. It is the only joint in your body that allows for movement in multiple directions, and it provides the mechanical guidance for your lower jaw.

Dr. Lucas considers all of these factors in his comprehensive exam process. He integrates this knowledge into his relationship with each patient, creating a truly holistic approach to patient care as he and his team help you maintain a beautiful, stable, and well-functioning smile.

We welcome the opportunity to help you with your dental care.


About Dr. Dennis Lucas – Naples, Florida, dentist

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