Cosmetic dentistry techniques can enhance form as well as function 

Many people think of cosmetic dentistry as focusing solely on improving your smile. While that oftentimes is a welcome benefit of cosmetic dentistry procedures, the primary goal often has more to do with enhanced functionality than simply looking better. 

Dr. Dennis Lucas offers cosmetic dentistry services in Naples for patients who desire the best of both worlds. His ability to leverage advanced technologies such as the iTero® intraoral scanner helps him perform highly accurate restorations that return chewing abilities and smiles to their optimal form. 

You likely have heard of cosmetic dentistry terms such as crowns, bridges and inlays, but most people are not clear on their differences. Following are brief explanations of some of the most common cosmetic dentistry procedures and when they typically come into play: 

Crowns – You also may have heard the term “caps” used in reference to crowns. Crowns are natural-looking covers that fit snuggly over teeth to conceal discolorations, chips and cracks when removal of the underlying tooth may not be necessarily. Some of our patients who have favored chewing on one side of their mouth for a long period of time find that crowns help them re-engage some facial muscles that have weakened due to lack of use. 

Bridges – This technique bridges the gap caused by missing teeth with a natural-looking replacement tooth. Two crowns on either side of the gap serve as anchors for the bridge placement. 

Inlays and Onlays – These terms both refer to the use of porcelain to repair teeth that have too much decay to allow for traditional fillings or crowns. We use inlays when the chewing surface of a tooth needs repair. Onlays are actually partial crowns that cover more of the tooth than an inlay. 

Teeth Whitening – Now here is a cosmetic dentistry modality that focuses solely on brightening your smile. Dr. Lucas uses the Zoom teeth whitening system to reduce the appearance of stains, often by six to ten shades after a single visit. The system uses a combination of formulated lighting and hydrogen peroxide-based bleach to give you a smile you can be proud to display. 

Invisalign® Braces – Our patients love these teeth aligning aids because they are virtually invisible and easily removed for meals. Let’s face it, no one wants to obviously be wearing braces, and these transparent aligners are nothing like the metal braces commonly used with kids. 

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About Dr. Dennis Lucas – Naples, Florida, dentist 

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