Smile design is the key to successful cosmetic dentistry in Naples, Florida


It’s never too late to improve your smile. Dr. Dennis Lucas delivers on that premise through a combination of advanced technology and the latest in cosmetic dentistry techniques for his patients in Naples, Florida.

The cosmetic dentistry journey is an individualized process that restores dental function while giving you the confidence to flash that bright smile you’ve always wanted. Dr. Lucas works with patients to develop a strategy that leverages available techniques appropriate for your current state of dental health.

The key to cosmetic dentistry is making your teeth look natural. This includes appropriate coloring, shapes and sizes to match your natural look. Dr. Lucas has developed proficiencies in a wide range of cosmetic dentistry techniques so you can be assured of receiving the care appropriate to meet your goals.


Cosmetic dentistry can be as simple as whitening your teeth


Cosmetic dentistry strategies vary in complexity from simple teeth whitening to bridge techniques that feature traditional dental implant supports through a variety of alternative support systems.

We use the Zoom teeth whitening system because of its ability to safely make your teeth look several shades brighter after even one visit. Invisalign® clear braces are similarly subtle in their ability to straighten your teeth without the visual downside of braces. Plus, you can still brush your teeth without any problems.

On a more advanced level, porcelain veneers remain a popular cosmetic dentistry option because we can shape them to fit with the natural alignment of your teeth. The color shading also can be adjusted so it matches the rest of your smile without calling attention to the presence of veneers.

Full arch restorations are appropriate for cases that require the extraction of multiple teeth. “All on four” is a technique that features the placement of a temporary bridge anchored on four dental implants, all accomplished the same day as the extractions.

A hybrid bridge refers to dental acrylic and denture teeth that are attached to at least four dental implants by small screws. This differs from a full denture, which is not attached to the jaw at any point. Dr. Lucas also uses a LOCATOR brand implant attachment system that snaps in place on a socket.

We welcome the opportunity to help you with your dental care, including cosmetic dentistry services that help you enjoy life to its fullest.


About Dr. Dennis Lucas – Naples, Florida, dentist

Dr. Dennis Lucas performs cosmetic and restorative dental techniques, as well as traditional preventive dental services for patients in and around Naples, Florida. His combination of expertise, supported by the latest in dental technology and a holistic approach to care, ensures oral health plays a role in his patients’ total healthcare picture. Call (239) 262-5851 to schedule an appointment.