The iTero® intraoral scanner is an important tool in our office

Our continuing investments in oral health technologies is producing exceptional results while making the preparation process easier and more accurate for many oral health procedures. Key among our technology assets is the iTero® intraoral scanner we purchased a couple of years ago from global medical device leader Align Technology.

Our patients appreciate the ease with which the iTero® scanner allows us to create the impressions Dr. Dennis Lucas needs prior to performing restorative procedures, beginning Invisalign® teeth alignment treatments, or monitoring changes inside the mouth. The scanner lets us use digital technology to take precise images rather than making messy, gooey impressions that were uncomfortable for patients.

In addition to the ease with which we can obtain images using the iTero® scanner, we are able to quickly send the resulting digital files to labs and manufacturing facilities rather than shipping physical impressions. This eliminates transportation delays and shrinks the time lag between taking those scans and being able to restore your teeth and smile.


iTero® intraoral scanner has multiple uses in restorative care

Align Technology has kept us updated with state-of-the-art software enhancements that make the process increasingly efficient and accurate when it comes to collecting images and tracking changes in our patients’ mouths. The iTero® intraoral scanner has applications in a variety of restorative and corrective situations that are superior and more comfortable than taking impressions:

  • Preparing teeth for crowns
  • Capturing exact tooth dimensions so we can reproduce it exactly as a new crown
  • Scan teeth and surrounding soft tissue for partial dentures
  • Scan dental implants for restoration
  • Scan the whole mouth at hygiene visits so we can track changes in tooth positions, bite pressures and gum heights
  • Predict and show results for Invisalign® teeth alignment treatments, including simulated outcomes that can be sent to patients via email

The iTero® intraoral scanner even enables Dr. Lucas to more easily detect the beginning of decay under the enamel of teeth compared to traditional X-ray images. This capability gives us a head start in providing appropriate treatment before more serious issues develop.

Make 2024 the year you take action with regard to your oral health. The process of straightening your teeth or fixing damaged ones has never been easier or more comfortable than it is today thanks to the iTero® intraoral scanner. Contact our office today to schedule your consultation.


About Dr. Dennis Lucas – Naples, Florida, dentist

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