Digital images eliminate the need to create physical impressions

Our office has taken a significant step up in technology with the addition of an iTero® intraoral scanner from global medical device leader Align Technology. This scanner greatly enhances the patient experience by letting us avoid the messy, choking impressions we used to need in advance of restorative procedures or initiating Invisalign® teeth alignment treatments.

The software included with the iTero scanner gives us the ability to send digital files directly to dental labs as well as the Invisalign case design and manufacturing facility. We no longer have to physically ship impressions we make to these labs, hoping they do not get lost in transit or experience some type of delay. The quicker returns we get from these facilities let us get to work faster on restoring your teeth and enhancing the beauty of your smile.

The iTero TimeLapse software is an extremely helpful feature that enables us to track changes in your teeth over time. This can include movement of drifting teeth, bite pressure, receding gums, and overall appearance changes that can be difficult to notice with the naked eye. This tool gives us the information we need to take corrective action before more extreme, and potentially more costly, procedures are required. The iTero scanner also makes it possible for us to detect decay under the enamel of your teeth that may not even be obvious using traditional X-rays.

Align Technology will keep us up to date going forward with regular software updates that ensure we have the latest advancements in providing optimal patient service.

See what your straightened teeth will look like ahead of time

Everyone wants to see how much better they will look after treatment using Invisalign system’s clear braces. Now we can use the Invisalign Outcome Simulator software included with the iTero scanner to do just that.

We can show you the progress you are making through use of the system’s Progress Assessment tool. We can send simulated outcomes right to your email inbox so you can view them over and over again, or even share them with friends and family if you’d like. Most Invisalign patients begin seeing results in a month or so, and we have seen the excitement build with these easy-to-view simulations.

Contact us to schedule an evaluation and learn whether the Invisalign teeth straightening system is right for you. The iTero scanner helps us complete this process faster and easier than ever before.

About Dr. Dennis Lucas – Naples, Florida, dentist

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