Dr. Dennis Lucas uses the latest advancements in his Naples, Florida, dental practice

Dental professionals have used a variety of restorative dental materials over the years in an ongoing effort to combine optimal function with esthetics. Dr. Dennis Lucas stays abreast of the latest research developments for his dental patients in Naples, Florida.

Gold was the first restorative dental material found to be effective for packing into a tooth, or cast and shaped to fit a prepared tooth. Compared to non-metallic materials such as wood, gold had the advantage of standing up to the chemical and physical demands of the mouth.

Dentists still faced limitations in their ability to prepare the teeth until the development of more reliable local anesthetics and better drilling procedures. Eventually, advances in restorative dental materials such as porcelain bonded to gold alloys resulted in vastly improved appearance. However, the opaque result did not look completely natural.

The battle between esthetics and functional restorative dental materials

The dental profession continued to experiment with various restorative dental materials intended to improve the balance between appearance and function. Ceramic materials certainly looked the part but were not as strong as metal-support restorations.

Porcelain veneers and other variations of increasingly sturdy restorative dental materials under brand names such as Empress and e.max offered better translucency and strength. These gave rise to the current generation of zirconia materials, which entered the market with a reputation for durability, but not as translucent as desired.

Researchers have been able to improve those formulas, so they deliver a more natural appearance without sacrificing strength. Combined with the ability that today’s restorative experts have to scan preparations and mill restorations down to a micron level, our patients can enjoy better fit, comfort, and beauty than ever before.

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