Make your teeth more decay-resistant with professional applications

Topical fluoride treatments provide an effective method of strengthening your teeth and helping prevent decay. While fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral that has been included in many community water fluoridation programs for years – including Naples and Collier County, Florida – professionally applied fluorides feature higher concentrations for added effectiveness.

Our bodies rely on an adequate supply of minerals such as fluoride to keep the outside enamel layer of our teeth strong. Fluoride’s role in this process lies in protecting our teeth from the acids in plaque and sugars in our mouth. This is the case for both children and adults.

People with certain conditions benefit even more from topical fluoride treatments to reduce the risk of tooth decay: 

A history of frequent cavities – You may benefit from additional fluoride treatments if you had at least one cavity every year or other year. 

Presence of dental work – Crowns, bridges and braces can make it difficult clean around teeth and put you at higher risk for decay.

Gum disease – Receding gums can expose more of your tooth structures to the bacteria that causes decay.

Dry mouth – Various dry mouth conditions can make it more difficult for you to naturally wash away food particles using your own saliva. This can make you more susceptible to tooth decay.

Topical fluoride treatments often continue at home

Dr. Dennis Lucas follows American Dental Association guidelines in recommending topical fluoride treatments for appropriate patients. These treatments include initial applications in our office, followed by self-applied treatments at home to maintain effectiveness.

Professionally applied topical fluoride treatments come in several forms, including gels, foams and rinses. Our applications typically feature application of a fluoride gel for 1 to 4 minutes. Higher-strength gels that our patients apply at home require a prescription from Dr. Lucas.

Contact us to schedule an evaluation and learn whether topical fluoride treatments may be an appropriate oral health strategy for you.

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