National appreciation weeks honor our important team members 

We already know how awesome the dental hygienists and dental assistants are in Dr. Dennis Lucas’s office. It’s still nice that national organizations recognize them every spring with their own special weeks. We appreciate their skills and the outstanding patient care they provide every day. 

National Dental Hygienist Week was April 3-9 and Dental Assistants Recognition Week was March 5-11 across the USA. These annual events celebrate the important roles these professionals play in promoting oral health and providing preventive dental care. 

What is a dental hygienist? 

Dental hygienists are licensed professionals who provide a variety of preventive and therapeutic treatments, as well as educate patients about oral hygiene. They check for signs of gum disease and other oral health concerns, and communicate their findings with Dr. Lucas. 

The strict education and testing requirements for dental hygienists ensure our team members are highly qualified, valued and compensated. Full-time students take about two years to graduate from an accredited dental hygiene college, followed by successful completion of the Dental Hygiene National Board Examination and licensing exams administered by the state of Florida. 

Teeth cleaning is the primary skill set for which dental hygienists are known. They are trained to remove plaque and stains using specialized instruments, take dental x-rays, conduct examinations of teeth and gums, and perform an overall oral health assessment. 

Patient education is an important part of a dental hygienist’s job. They often demonstrate proper brushing and flossing techniques, provide nutrition counseling, and offer advice on how to maintain or develop good oral health habits.

What is a dental assistant?

Well-trained dental assistants can dramatically improve the efficiencies of a dental practice by reducing stress for the benefit of patients, staff and doctors. Our dental assistants work closely with Dr. Lucas and our dental hygienists to provide high-quality patient care and assist with a variety of procedures. They are responsible for administrative tasks as well as helping out on the clinical side of the practice, and as such they are highly valued and compensated members of our team. 

Most dental assistants in Florida have completed a 1- or 2-year accredited program in which they learn the technical aspects of the profession as well as science-based theory. Dental assistants who hold formal training in restorative functions also must hold a BLS (Basic Life Support) for Healthcare Provider certificate. 

In the treatment rooms, dental assistants provide chairside assistance such as passing instruments to Dr. Lucas, operating suction devices, and preparing materials for procedures. They also sterilize and disinfect dental instruments and equipment to meet our strict infection control protocols. 

Please join us in thanking our dental hygienists and dental assistants at your next appointment. We appreciate their contributions to making our office a leading dental care destination in Naples, Florida. 

About Dr. Dennis Lucas – Naples, Florida, dentist 

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