Specialized gel works with light to break up discoloration in teeth

The Zoom whitening process may make it possible for you to realize your wish of having a brighter smile without replacing your natural teeth. Dr. Dennis Lucas recommends the Zoom whitening process for appropriate patients in the Naples area who are interested in having a more attractive smile.

It’s common for your teeth to become stained over time through the normal aging process. However, using tobacco products and drinking colored beverages such as coffee, tea, red wine and cola soft drinks can contribute to the discoloration.

Zoom whitening is a bleaching process that uses hydrogen peroxide applied in gel form to enable oxygen to enter the enamel and dentin in your teeth. A specially designed light activates the hydrogen peroxide, and the resulting reaction bleaches the stains without damaging the structure of your teeth.

Dr. Lucas applies a layer of gel for 15 minutes at a time under activation by the light. Three such treatments over the course of an hour or less comprise the entire procedure. A final layer of paste-gel applied immediately after the treatments reduces sensitivity.

Zoom whitening works better with aftercare at home

Your homework after the office procedure involves a touch-up kit with custom-fitted whitening trays. Follow Dr. Lucas’s instructions for when to use the trays so you can maintain the benefits of your Zoom whitening treatment. And of course, refrain from tobacco use and drinking those staining beverages mentioned above. They likely are a factor in why your teeth are stained to begin with.

Dr. Lucas may suggest Zoom whitening as part of your cosmetic dental journey so your natural teeth provide a closer match to any restoration work. Keep in mind that Zoom whitening treatments are more effective for some people than others, and the condition of your teeth will play a role in the decision. Zoom treatments also do not work on crowns and veneers. Dr. Lucas will perform an oral examination to determine if this treatment is right for you.

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